Real estate portraits

Statistics have proven that photos taken by a professional photographer obtain more views as well as faster sales and higher sales offers than listings with poor or no photos. Ron Bird combines his artistic eye with his technical skills to produce stunning real estate photos that will help your listing stand out from the crowd. No job is too big or too small. Ron is a Mesquite local and is available most days to shoot, often even same-day. Combine that with a fast 24-hr turn-around on editing and you will have your listing published faster than with any other photographer around.

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Affordable Pricing

Up to 1,200sqft (~15-20+ images) - $100
Up to 2,600sqft (~20-25+ images) - $120
Up to 3,600sqft (~25-30+ images) - $140
Up to 4,600sqft (~30-35+ images) - $160          Over 4,600sqft - Call for custom quote

Twilight Photos - $80 Neighborhood/Amenities - $25

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The number of photos listed in each package is only an estimate of the typical amount of photos received and will vary from home to home depending on size, layout, and features. Regardless of the size, rest assured that Ron will take as many photos as needed to show off the home in it's entirety.

fast 24hr turn-around

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